Frequently asked questions.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions are given below. Can't find the answer to your question? Don't hesitate to contact us – we're happy to help!
How can I order a product?
You can order our products immediately on our website. The prices for the desired period are shown immediately. Once the order has been sent, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the rental period.
How far in advance should I order the product?
We suggest ordering our products at least two weeks in advance. While it is possible to order later, the product may not be available during the desired period.
If I need the shower for longer than planned, can I extend the rental period? And what does this cost?
Extending the rental period is no problem whatsoever. At Douche Simpel, we fully understand that not every refurbishment or renovation goes according to plan. You pay a one-off charge of €19.99 on top of our weekly rate of €67.50 per week to extend the rental period. We will send an invoice for the extended rental period.
Can the shower also be collected earlier than planned?
If the shower must be collected earlier than planned, we will do all we can to make this possible. However, this depends on our delivery and collection schedule.
Are there extra costs on top of the prices shown?
While costs for the deposit, transport, delivery, installation and use of accessories are often charged in the market, we do not do this. The prices shown on our website are all-in prices, which means you won’t face unpleasant surprises later.
How do I pay?
Once the product has been installed to your satisfaction, you can pay using your debit card. We send invoices for business orders.
Do I need to assist with the installation?
The only thing we ask is that someone is home to let us in. Our installers also appreciate it if the desired location is cleared so the assembly and installation can start immediately.
How long does it take to install and collect the shower cubicle?
The shower cubicle can be assembled and installed in minutes. However, some time is required to take the materials to the desired location, give instructions and collect payment. In total, we assume a total time of one hour for installation and half an hour for disassembly and collection of the cubicle.
Should I clean the shower cubicle before it is collected?
To protect our products, we ask our customers to clean the rented products before they are collected. While the products we supply are cleaned at our location, this greatly improves hygiene.
Is the shower cubicle cleaned before delivery?
Our shower cubicles, including all components, are individually cleaned after each rental period. This takes place at our location. In the interests of hygiene, we ask our customers to clean the rented products before they are collected.
Is the shower open at the top?
The shower cubicle is closed at the top. The roof is made of a type of plastic that only lets in light, which means the shower can be installed in the garden or a privacy-sensitive location. Your privacy is guaranteed.
What is the minimum size of the access route to the location where the shower is installed?
Thanks to the unique demountable design of our products, you need not worry about restricted access routes. The cubicle can be installed wherever you want.
How long can I shower if the water is heated by the water heater?
The major benefit of our water heater is that you can enjoy a warm shower for as long as you like. Our installer will set the device to 38 degrees. You can enjoy showering without worrying about the hot water running out.
Can the shower cubicle be installed outdoors?
As the shower cubicle can be fully closed, it is very suitable for use outdoors. The roof of the cubicle is made from a type of plastic that only lets in light. This protects your privacy. It is also possible to connect the shower cubicle to a changing room, so you can change in private.
What happens if the shower cubicle cannot be installed?
We ask customers to estimate where the cubicle can be installed based on the information provided on the website. Once the location has been chosen, we collect this information and determine whether this is indeed possible. In practice, this has proven to work in 99% of cases. If a problem nevertheless arises, we can always move to another location. Our installer can advise you about this on location.