Connection options

Space required W x L x H (1 x 1.2 x 2.25 m)

The space indicated above is required for assembly. The distance to the drain (+/-5 meters) determines where the cubicle can be installed.

Suitable locations include the garage, garden, kitchen, bedroom or attic.

As the shower is supplied disassembled, a restricted access route is no problem whatsoever.

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Water supply (+/-10 m)

The supply hose is connected to a tap within a radius of 10 m. The hose is attached using a connector included with the supplied accessories. This allows it to be detached when the shower is not in use, so you can continue using the tap.

Cold water tap (boiler filling valve/washing machine tap)

If the supply hose is connected to a cold water tap, the water is heated by the water heater supplied by us. This electrically powered heater allows you to shower for as long as you like without the need to wait for the water to warm up.

Mixer tap, thermostatic tap, Quooker

If the supply hose is connected to a mixer tap, thermostatic tap or Quooker, no water heater is required.

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Water drain (+/- 5 m)

The drain hose is connected to a drain within a radius of 5 m.

A sink, rainwater drain or washing machine drain can be used.

The supplied drain pump means that a higher drain is no problem whatsoever. Our drain hose has a diameter of 32 mm.

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Water heater consumption (15 Amps, 3.5 kWh)

If the shower is connected to a cold water tap, a water heater heats the water.

This must be connected to an earthed socket.

Due to the required capacity (15 Amps, 3.5 kWh), no high-power equipment must be connected to the same group to prevent overloading.

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